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IPMA-HR UT is a chapter in the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, which has been the leading resource for public sector human resources professionals since 1906.  The Utah chapter was recently reestablished with new board members and is moving into its second year. Our chapter area is the entire state of Utah and all public sector organization employees are welcome including city, county, state, district, academic institution, or students of Human Resources.

 Purpose and Objectives

The purposes and objectives of IPMA-HR UT are to:

  • Implement the objectives and programs of the International Public Management Association – Human Resources within the chapter area;
  • Provide a forum for persons engaged in public personnel administration to discuss current challenges and to provide a medium for mutual self-improvement;
  • Promote communication and sharing of information among human resource professionals.
  • Enhance the image of human resource professionals by recognizing their contributions to the public service;
  • Encourage research and development in human resource management;
  • Promote excellence through the ongoing development of professional and ethical standards, and career development;
  • Promote best practice in human resource management; and
  • Mentor new professionals in public human resource management.

Unique Nature of Public Sector Human Resources

IPMA-HR UT strives to be:

  • Responsive to the realities of due process and public sector employment law when informing our members of changes in the law;
  • Practical and ethical in providing ways to deal with the limited resources of public sector organizations;
  • Aware of the political influences in public organizations and assist our members in successfully understanding with these influences;
  • Conscious of the very public and transparent setting in which our human resources professionals work; and
  • Alert to the opportunities and limitations of a mission-based workforce.

Executive Board Member Positions
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Board Member – Marketing
  • Board Member – Technology
  • Board Member – Sponsorship

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