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What is IPMA-HR UT?

IPMA-HR UT is Utah’s local chapter of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources. We serve the needs of Human Resources professionals in the public sector, whether they work for a city, county, district, state, academic institution, or are students of Human Resources. We understand the many similarities between public and private sector Human Resources, but we also understand the unique challenges of the public sector. Our focus is on providing resources and professional development so we can all successfully address the needs of our public sector organizations.

What can IPMA-HR UT do for me?

IPMA-HR UT offers:

·   Bi-monthly professional development lunches with content tailored to your priorities and interests;

·   Networking opportunities offering you the chance to meet and interact with other public sector HR professionals;

·   Up-to-date notices on relevant law and events that impact public sector HR work in Utah;

·   Volunteer opportunities to assist with chapter activities, serve as a board member/officer, or meet other HR professionals;

·   A forum to share and develop ideas on how to be proactive and improve HR practices in your organization;

·   Professional development credit that meets the competency models and practices of the IPMA-HR national organization’s Certified Professional (CP) and Senior Certified Professional (SCP) programs and may also meet the professional development requirements of other HR professional associations; and

·  A lower membership rate for current students of Human Resources Management programs.

How do I join?

It’s easy. Click on the link below to get started on enhancing your career and being a valued member of IPMA-HR UTAH!

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